About Us

Beyondphysio was born out of the need to amalgamate the fitness and medical communities. Its origins began in London in the early days of personal training in the mid nineties when idea the personal training was beginning to catch on the UK. Adrian Howard and his partner Charlotte Insall Jones saw a need to deliver high quality lifestyle services in the City of London. Beyondphysio today is an extension of this idea where all therapeutic services are based around a physiotherapy assessment that provides the framework to address your physical imbalances and inform exercise choice.

Unlike traditional gyms that prescribe a generic exercise program we help you understand your deficiencies and point you in the right direction as far as classes and fitness are concerned. Our role is to teach you how to exercise within the constraints of your disease, injury or imbalance in addition to helping you achieve your general fitness goals in a fun and relaxed environment. all our classes are physiotherapy led so you can be assured you are getting the right advice.

Our Lead physiotherapist Adrian Howard trained in Australia and holds three Masters degrees, a Masters in Sports Science, a Masters in Physiotherapy Studies and a dual Masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy so you can be assured you are in good hands and are getting the latest evidence informed treatment and care.

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