Grip Indoor Climbing Bouldering Circuit

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We offer unique indoor bouldering circuit classes / climbing classes designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen every  muscle in your body. This class incorporates our bouldering wall and other fitness equipment that we have carefully selected for the session. Grit Indoor bouldering circuits are great way to improve general body conditioning, upper, lower body tone, strength and flexibility while having so much fun you’ll hardly feel your working out. 

Why Attend These Classes ?

These classes are not just for climbers but for anyone wanting a whole body session that exercises every muscle and movement in your body in a fun and exciting way. Our bouldering class may have a bias toward the lower body or the upper body depending on the circuit scheduled for the day. Challenge yourself with our unique class and have fun at the same time. These classes are offered on a daily basis in our Wilmslow studio in a small group format. What are you waiting for climb the rungs of fitness ?