We offer a variety of clinical assessments to help you recognise your impairments and functionals limitations in addition to providing a starting point to help you return to full function.

Formal Balance assessments:

Physiotherapists are experts in assessing and improving balance. Your balance assessment is comprised of two parts, a sixty minute initial assessment and a thirty minute reassessment at the end of six weeks. This assessment is based on your needs and will take into account any musculoskeletal concerns. It will include formal valid and reliable measures of balance assessment. As part of this consultation we will provide exercises and strategies for you to improve your balance in your own time.

– £125.00

Postural assessments and corrective exercise program:

Physiotherapists are experts in assessing posture and movement. Your postural assessment is sixty minutes long and is comprised of measures of flexibility, and static and dynamic posture. As part of the assessment your physiotherapist will record your postural metrics for future reference. In addition a corrective exercise program will be developed to address the postural and flexibility issues discovered in your assessment. You will need to return for a follow up session for sixty minutes (included as part of the cost) to go through your exercise and postural program with your physiotherapist

– £225.00

Body Fat / Blood pressure and Body Weight Assessments

If you are worried about your body fat levels, blood pressure and body weight we offer a clinical assessment of these measures in a standard thirty minute consultation. We will take your blood pressure, calculate your percentage body fat, provide a BMI and can advise you on ways to improve your figures.

Cost £50.00