What is It ?

DEXA (or DXA) is a medical scanning technology originally developed to measure bone density. It passes a very low dose of dual-energy X-rays through the body to provide a high resolution image and precise measurement of body composition – specifically bone, fat and lean mass (muscle). DEXA is the gold standard for body composition scanning, giving you the most precise reading to the gram of your total body composition.

For Body Composition & Health

Beyondphysio in Wilmslow uses the lowest radiation DEXA to give you an accurate report showing precisely how much fat and muscle mass you have so you can set realistic, achievable targets with your exercise program, training and diet. Furthermore our scanner can tell you how much of your fat is surrounding your organs (visceral fat) versus how much is distributed around the rest of your body. Subsequent scans serve to keep you motivated and make the necessary changes to achieve your goal, either in our boutique exercise classes, with your own personal trainer or during a professional training cycle. Our DEXA scans are highly accurate and the results can be used to create plans that reduce body fat and therefore the risk for a variety of conditions from diabetes, hypertension to heart attacks.

What’s Involved

A DEXA scan is quick, painless and non-invasive. You will be instructed to lie flat on a padded table, staying very still, while the scanner passes over you. You can remain fully clothed during the scan, but for best results wear underpants, swim wear, shorts and t-shirt though you may be asked to remove heavy clothing, shoes, jewellery and metal objects. The scan only takes about 5 minutes but the whole process may take up to 15 minutes.

If required we can develop a specialist diet and exercise program to correct your fat distribution and get you on the way to living a healthier happier and longer life.

Affiliate Program

If you are doctor, personal trainer, coach, researcher or other professional in need of DEXA for your athletes or clients we offer an affiliate package for those who want to work in association with us using this cutting edge technology. Call or email us for more details.