What Should I wear ?

Whether you are attending a consultation with a physiotherapist or attending on of our classes or a discovery session sports wear is the best choice. For women who are getting treatment on their shoulder or neck a sports top is usually the best choice. In our studio we expect people to wear “sticky” socks. this is maintain hygiene and prevent people slipping on the floor and or equipment.

What should I expect in a Pilates discovery session ?

A discovery session is not a requirement but an opportunity for you to find more about us and our facility for us to find out more about you and your exercise and medical history. A qualified HCPC physiotherapist will take a history and note any injuries and medical conditions you may have. If anything untoward is discovered, the physiotherapist will discuss this with you at the time and make recommendations. Most people are then able to go into our studio and explore the equipment and ask any questions they may have.

How do you structure your class levels ?

Our classes are listed as beginner, intermediate and advanced. These levels are indicated for general guidance only. It normally takes around ten to twenty classes to become familiar with the repertoire, format and equipment.

Can I get a refund or credit once I book a class ?

Once a class is booked there are no refunds, credits or changes. We have this policy so that our clients can organise their diaries well in advance. Large numbers of our clients book their classes up to a year in advance. This allows us to better structure the timetable for your benefit and organise our staff and classes.