Free Running Warrior Circuit Classes

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One of the latest editions to our boutique class studio is our Free Running Warrior Circuits Classes

Designed to challenge your balance, strength, flexibility and fitness our free running warrior circuits incorporate a warped wall and a hanging obstacle course in addition to other fun and challenging exercises including body weight exercises, calisthenics and tradition exercises fused together to challenge both your physical and mental strength. Want to get fit and try something new this is it !

Why Attend This Class ?

If you have ever wanted to try a Ninja course then this is the class for you ! We build this class into a specialist class circuit inspired by Parkour and Ninja obstacles so you finish the class feeling empowered, energised and challenged. This class is designed for all levels and abilities and the numbers in the class are limited so book now !  These classes are also available as child only or as family sessions where your child goes free. Check our timetable and book online to secure your place.