Free Physiotherapy Consultation

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If you have never been to use before we offer a FREE 15 minute physiotherapy consultation which involves a discussion of your problem, a physical assessment and diagnosis of your issue. Should you wish to walk away at the end of this consultation you are welcome.  If you want us to treat, manage and advise you on the issue at the end of the free 15 minute consultation we can commence this immediately for the cost of a full physiotherapy session.

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Why Have Physiotherapy With Us ?

As experts in clinical examination, diagnosis and history taking we are often asked for an opinion before an orthopaedic consultation or GP referral is sought. With our lead physiotherapist hailing from Australia, we follow an Australian model of physiotherapy, where physiotherapy has been the first point of contact for musculoskeletal healthcare longer than any other country in the world. At our clinic, the process by which a diagnosis is made, takes these many years of first contact diagnostic training and experience and distills them into an initial consultation that is exceedingly detailed and refined. With this information we precisely determine your diagnosis and treatment plan. If physiotherapy is not required we will tell you at your first appointment and refer you onwards for further investigation and or orthopaedic review.  

All our physiotherapists have at minimum a degree in physiotherapy and are HCPC registered. We treat all age groups for specialist sports and musculoskeletal or general physiotherapy including stroke, cardiothoracic rehabilitation and post operative care. We are experts in the management of neck pain, shoulder pain, mid back pain, low back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain. This is not an exhaustive list. We also manage headache, nerve pain and TMJ issues with the most up to date evidence informed methods.

If you are after highly skilled hands on physiotherapy for any aches and pains then look no further. We do not use therapeutic ultrasound in our practise as the evidence for its effectiveness is scant and of low quality. Don’t waste your time with passive non manual treatments.

Click here to watch a video on the diagnostic and treatment process we use.

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Private Medical Insurance

As a private medical insurance patient you can choose who you wish to see for physiotherapy even if your consultant or doctor or hospital has suggested you see their “preferred provider.” Make it clear to your insurance when you speak to them who you wish to see as we live in a patient centred healthcare system so you get to decide. If you are claiming through private medical insurance please bring your claim number or authorisation number with you to your first session. Alternatively email the number to us in advance of your session. We accept claims through the following insurance companies at our standard rates.




Single Sesssion Sports And General Physiotherapy Prices

Sessions can be paid for privately at the point of sale using cash, credit or debit card.

  • Physiotherapy Team Lead / MSc. (point of sale paying patients only): £55GBP for a thirty minute session
  • Senior physiotherapist £50GBP for a single thirty minute session
  • Graduate Physiotherapist £40GBP for a single thirty minute session
All our physiotherapists are fully qualified and HCPC registered

Private Paying Packages

We have private paying packages of follow up physiotherapy care available for patients paying upfront after the initial consultation at the point of sale.

  • Advanced purchase (at the point of sale) of four physiotherapy sessions with a senior physiotherapist £140GBP or £35GBP / session (valid for one month from purchase). You cannot specify which physiotherapist you see and appointments are subject to availability.

Call us on on 01625 520 089 to book in for your physiotherapy session or: