Sports & Remedial Massage

Charlotte our amazing lead sports massage therapist has over twenty years experience in Sports and Swedish massage and focuses solely on her art form. As exceptional therapist she leads the team in Sports Massage at beyondphysio. Many people say she is the best Massage Therapist they have ever seen. As a former ballet dancer with the Juniors in the Royal Ballet she has honed her craft by developing movements that fuse the natural movements of her body with those of more traditional massage techniques. Charlotte has worked at national level sports championships alongside Australia’s elite swimming team and is renowned locally and internationally as an expert in her field.

About Our Massage

Our massage service delivers a fusion of ‘deep-tissue’, firm, soft, Swedish and remedial massage that is specific to your individual requirements. At your request massage therapy appointments can tailored on the day to your needs. We offer full-body sessions for an overall effect or the focus can be regional for example the back, the neck, shoulders or the legs for deeper more intensive treatment. We work out of our clinic in Wilmslow Cheshire in dedicated treatment rooms.


You may want to consider our massage packages which are a series of massage treatments often used for regular relaxation, stress relief, pain management or pre or post a major sporting event. Massage Packages can be used for everyday people for the maintenance and relief of general tension or as a tool for relaxation. Appointments are 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on your preference.

– £55 for one hour of massage
– £40 for 1/2 hour of massage
– 5 one hour massages for £250GBP (3 month validity)

Please call the clinic on 01625 520 089 to book a sports massage or use the online booking button below.