Valhalla – Compete With The Gods

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Using hammers, weighted logs, shields and many other tools of war you will transform your body into a honed and toned Norse god or goddess in the shortest possible time. Valhalla is an amazing full body HITT workout for both norsemen and norse women who want to train hard and maximise the effectiveness of their training for both cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Why Attend This Class ?

Exercise programs that increase lactic acid have been shown to have the greatest effect on raising naturally occurring human growth hormone levels. Human growth hormone has been shown to reduce body fat and increase lean body mass. If you want a workout to change your body in the shortest time possible then this is it ! The class is run as a circuit which changes weekly. In these workouts you will be competing against the clock as you move through the circuit as fast and you can, with good form !  In norse mythology the halls of Valhalla are filled with elite warriors, heroes and rulers. Are you game enough to be one ? Book below to join the gods and etch your name into the halls of Valhalla !

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