Crank New York Indoor Cycling Classes 

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Our Crank New York indoor cycling classes are all about training to get fitter, stronger, leaner and faster. We use the latest VR technology to help you get the best out of your cycling training class. Structure is all important in these classes and our instructors who are based in New York deliver this on every front. Rather than have someone lead you on an indoor ride that is poorly defined and unstructured our VR cycling classes develop all the areas of your fitness that you need to become a better cyclist.

Why Attend This Class ?

Unlike most other indoor cycling classes we offer classes every hour of the day. Each session can be tailored based on which class you wish to attend. For example you may do a hill session on a Monday class at 7pm and this will be repeated with increasing difficulty in terms of duration or length until you decide to change to sprint training in subsequent sessions. Our rides and bikes are booked as pay as you go classes so you can choose when you train and how you train. Combine these indoor cycling classes with another workout in our studio for the ultimate fat burning experience !

Once a Month Sunday Outdoor Training Sessions

On the first Sunday of every month we meet at the Wilmslow Studio at 7am and run an early morning ride. This ride may be an off road ride or on road ride. We offer fresh coffee for anyone booked on this ride with the duration, difficulty and terrain profile listed on the calendar. This ride needs to be booked via our website so we can plan for numbers and transport if it is required on the day as sometimes we head out of area to begin the ride.