Free Weights Course 

Our bespoke learn to lift weights courses teach the fundamentals of free weights for the safe lifting of free weights. Courses are available for mixed groups of men and women of all abilities and also for teenagers interested in learning skills that will last a lifetime. If you’ve been left in the dark when it come to training in a “normal” gym look no further !


Our fundamentals of free weights course is a four week course attended consecutively once a week for four weeks. It is designed for anyone who wants to know how to lift free weights correctly and prevent injuries while training in the gym. These sessions teach you the fundamentals of training with resistance and weights so that you can apply the techniques immediately in the gym during your own workout. In these courses you will learn about human movement and how this relates to movement in the gym. In addition you will learn what constitutes a good strength and conditioning program that addresses your weight loss and or fitness goals.

Why Attend ?

Our fundamentals of free weights course is designed for anyone who feels that they have been given a generic exercise program in a “traditional” gym and really want to understand how to get the most out of their training or exercise. This course is a great way to begin your weight training and exercise journey with us if you are a total beginner.