We specialise in designing bespoke personal training and exercise programs for those people looking to shed pounds, improve their muscle tone and reduce body fat. We can even incorporate a medical measure of body composition using a DEXA body scan to set a baseline of your composition before you commence training or attend our classes.

At our personal training studio you will receive a screening by a qualified physiotherapist prior to you beginning your exercise routine so that you can be assured that you are getting the right type of exercise for you irrespective of your injury or disease history. Even if you are new to exercise we can guide and instruct you on the finer details of training to achieve your goals.

When you arrive for your first session we conduct a full musculoskeletal and fitness screening. In this screening we can determine which areas of your body’s muscles are weak which are tight and we use this information to tailor your exercise program so it is specific to you. We also ask you to complete food diary so we can see how and what you are eating.

after the first session we take the results of your personal training assessment and design an exercise program around it.  Whether you want to loose weight, tone up or improve your posture we’ve got you covered. Our written programs last around six weeks depending on your training experience. Those individuals with greater training experience need to change their programs more frequently to allow for continued adaption to the workouts.

Checkout an example workout below: