Pilates Studio And Classes

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Pilates Reformer Classes

The Pilates Reformer is a quintessential piece of Pilates apparatus where a carriage moves against spring resistance. Positioning your body on the carriage (and sometimes off the carriage) you push, pull and hone your body into shape. Our amazing group Pilates Reformer Classes run seven days a week from our boutique studio in Wilmslow. These Pilates classes are fantastic for flexibility, posture, toning and contouring you body. Our Pilates classes are suitable for complete beginners to more advanced Pilates practitioners. Check out our timetable for more information on class levels, teachers and times of classes.


Pilates Tower Classes

We are the only studio in the Cheshire and the North West to offer group Pilates Tower Classes. Tower classes are based on moving the body against spring resistance while the body is supported on a fixed surface. These classes provide an a great workout that tones, shapes and contours your body while at the same time improving you with increased flexibility, tone, posture and balance. These classes can be made as easy or as difficult as you wish depending on the spring resistance chosen and the level of the exercise. Check out our timetable for more information on class levels, teachers and times of classes.


Pilates Chair Classes

New this year are our dedicated Pilates Chair classes. Pilates chair classes are considered the most athletic of all Pilates classes as there is often a requirement to partially support your body weight with your arms during the class. Pilates chair classes exercise your legs, your core, your arms and improve your posture and balance. Using a specially designed exercise chair with spring resisted pedals you can stand, lie, sit and kneel your way while exercising into the perfect lengthened and toned physique. These classes combine the best of Pilates Matwork with the Pilates Chair to tone condition and shape your body like nothing you’ve ever tried.

NEW ! Pilates Trapeze classes

Every wanted to hang upside down like you did when you were a child ? Look no further than our Pilates trapeze classes. These classes are unique in the UK and new to our studio for 2018.  On our specially designed Pilates trapezes you will exercise every muscle in your body.  Our group Pilates Trapeze classes using a combination of bodyweight, springs and Pilates postures and poses that will sculpt your body to perfection. Please note that there is a requirement in these classes to hold your body weight with your hands in some poses so a number of months exercise experience is recommended to attend one of these amazing trapeze classes.


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