Renew Mind And Body Classes 

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Our Renew Mind, Body Flex and Stretch Classes are a combination of Stretching, Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness. These mindfulness classes are the perfect tonic for a hard day at work or after a hard bout of physical training. The class begins with a gentle warmup and progresses gradually depending on the nature of the class. These classes may have a Pilates, Yoga Or Tai Chi focus depending on the instructor teaching the class.

Why Attend This Class ?

The focus in these classes in on the parasympathetic nervous system (PS). The (PS) helps the body rest, digest, and recover. Studies have shown that with repeated stress the body spends most of its time in a heightened state which limits recovery and gains from exercise and training. With at least ten minutes of guided mindfulness and relaxation and a focus on breathing and calm these classes are designed to get you into this state of reduced stress.  Let these stretching and mindfulness classes be the gym for the body and mind as you are guided through a special routine of flexibility and relaxation techniques. Join the chill and signup below.