Women, Weights, Bums And Tums Course

Ever felt left to your own devices when attending a large commercial gym ?
Ever wanted to really understand what you are doing in the gym rather than just going through the motions ? If this is the case, then this course is for you, answering all these questions and more. Our Women, Weights, Bums and Tums courses are designed to teach you the fundamentals of lifting free weights safely so you can improve body fat, tone flexibility and posture.  These courses are delivered in a fun and non threatening environment with like minded women who really want to get the most from their precious training time.

Who Are They For, And How Long Are They ?

These courses are open to total beginners and more experienced lifters and are run consecutively over a four week period. The format of these courses include the theory behind why you do certain movements in the gym and what muscles are working and when, in addition to learning how to structure your workouts for the best possible effect on burning fat and toning. There is  a focus on the bum and the tum during these courses so you can learn how to get a peachy toned bum and rock hard stomach.


They is an element of theory and practical in each of the four one hour sessions. We combine this so you get a chance to learn by doing and get a workout at the same time. Don’t just exercise, understand what you are doing and learn how to make the most of your training as your time is valuable. Book a course today and take your training to the next level !